Virus Removal

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My computer has a virus

I think my computer as a virus, but how do in know for sure?  Viruses can appear in a number ways.  For example, you could be surfing the web looking for a new recipe and suddenly you are redirected to a completely unrelated website. You try to click back and it doesn’t allow you. Or, you start receiving pop up ‘WARNINGS’ saying something like “your computer has a virus, install this program to remove”.  The message is actually from and imposing antivirus program that’s not the one that you installed on your computer. 

IT IS A VIRUS!  Do not click and install the program, it will create more viruses in your system.

Not only are viruses annoying, they clog up your system and slow it down.  Your computer could have a number of viruses. Viruses waste your time with undesirable pop ups and re-directions.  Imagine your child being re-directed to inappropriate adult’s only material!

Antivirus Solutions

Don't wait until your computer is infected.

Why wait until you are having problems and your computer is infected with any number of viruses.  Make sure your computer has the latest version of antivirus protection and more importantly that all the members of your household are educated in what to look out for. Avoid being ‘tricked’ into inadvertently installing a virus on your computer.

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Which antivirus program?

I am constantly being asked by clients which Internet Security Suite(ISS) I recommend, and unfortunately there isn’t one that I have used which I can honestly tell a customer I love.

I see just as many people get themselves in trouble who have the latest and greatest ISS (Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender etc. ), as people who run free versions  (AVG, Avira, Clamwin etc).

Your ISS can only provide you with so much protection. It is just as much about people’s browsing habits, and what they click yes to, as it is about what ISS they have.

Also you know those annoying prompts you receive about updates being ready and to download them? Sometimes they are not just there to purely to annoy you, they can help protect your computer as well.

So don’t just rely on your ISS to keep you protected. Think about what you are clicking on, browsing too, and agreeing to, and keep your computer up to date. Being aware and up to date is your best defence.


Scareware. What is it and how to avoid it.

A very common way I see people get virus/malware infections these days, are the fake Anti-Virus warnings that pop-up out of nowhere whilst browsing. “Scareware” is the common term, and it works like this.

You can be browsing to any website (not just the naughty ones), and you will receive a warning from something that looks very professional and genuine, warning you that problems have been detected and to “click here” to run a free scan to fix the problem.

So most people fearing virus attacks, think that they have to follow the instructions to keep themselves protected. Well in actual fact, by following the instructions you are actually letting the virus into your computer, and not only will the warning not go away it will in fact get worse. Beware of these fake warnings, know what your Internet Security product is and only pay attention to warnings from it. Also Mac users need to beware, as these are now starting to become more common amongst Mac users as Mac’s become more widley used.

Call us now to make sure your computers are protected 03 9874 5473.


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