Increase your work output and ensure that your servers are serving you, and not the other way around. From web servers, mail servers, file servers, FTP servers, terminal servers and exchange servers, let us get your servers working for you. 

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Why is my server so slow?

There may not be enough space and it could be overloaded because since you had it installed, you now have five more staff members and you have simply outgrown your server. Or you may have too much installed on your server and you are beginning to exceed its capacity causing it to run slowly. It is also possible that your server had not been configured properly in the first place, or its not being managed correctly. All of which can significantly impact speed and performance.

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Why does my server keep crashing?    

The server has crashed again, and this is the third time it’s happened this week................Are you getting frustrated and worried that it seems to be happening more often?  Will it get worse and what will happen next? 
Consider what such downtime really costs you and your business.

Let’s say you have 10 employees, it takes around 20 minutes for staff to log off, restart the server, and log back on again.

With 10 staff x 20mins = 200 minutes each time the server crashes.

This week the server has crashed 3 times x 200mins = 600 minutes or 10 hours this week alone!!!!!

Let’s assume that your average staff member costs you $35 per hour X 10 hours (time where staff have no computer access) = $350 per week, cost to YOU.  Staff sitting idle waiting to access files to do their work

If this was to happen every second week for a year this could cost your business $350 per week x 26 weeks = $9,100 per year potential cost to YOU. I don’t know about you, but I could use $9,100 in my business more wisely.  This doesn’t even take into account, that staff may have potentially lost what they were working on, and have to do this or part of their work again........ Adding more cost to you.

Stop your server from crashing and minimise downtime. Call us now and save yourself thousands of dollars 9874 5473.

Your server could be crashing for any number of reasons.

If you work in an industrial estate, you may be receiving an interrupted power supply, which can cause your server to crash.   You may have been sold a product that is not suitable for your business needs.  It may have been fine at the time of purchase, but the sales person gave no consideration for your business plans over the next two or three years.  Or, you have grown far more than you expected, and the current server just does not have the capacity to keep up with your current business requirements.

You might say, “The server crashes a few times a week, so what. I just restart it, and away we go. It’s no big deal.”  What appears to be a small and insignificant inconvenience that’s easily remedied can actually be a significant cost to your business.  When you actually stop and think about, what is the REAL COST to me and my business??.......... $$$, time, stress and frustration for me and my team.
Why pay for technology that does not perform and potentially cost you more money? 

Don’t waste anymore time, call us now to find out what the problem is and have it fixed 03 9874 5473

How do I tell if I need new server or if I should upgrade my old server?

People often ask this question, and it really depends on your current and future business requirements.  If you are asking this question because your server is running slowly, and or frequently crashing, the solution may be as simple as needing more space.  One solution may be to install additional memory, or an additional server to support your existing server.  Or, perhaps it was not set up correctly in the first place, and it needs to be wiped to start again and set up correctly for your business structure. It may also be that the product you were sold is just poor quality and not up to the task, and yes, it may be time for a new server.  If your server is more than six years old and not performing efficiently, then it may also be time for a new server.

A professional business computer technician will come to your premises, assess your current infrastructure, discuss your short and medium term requirements and offer solutions within your budget.  We want to work with you to save your business money and ensure you can get the most from your server.

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You must ask these questions before buying a new server.

These are a few of the items that you must consider when purchasing a new server.  Choosing the right server for your business and having it set up correctly can save you thousands of dollars.  We can work with you in choosing the right server for your business, and ensure it is set up correctly for smooth running now and the future.  

Call us on 9874 5473 for an obligation free quote and let us help you invest wisely.

Set up your server for success.

Choosing the right server is one part of equation, it now needs to be installed and set up correctly, maintained and managed properly. You also need to have the disaster recovery plan in place in the event of an emergency.   Let’s say that your server crashes and no one can access their files. Do you have monitored and tested back up plan in place where you can restore your data with minimal downtime?  A back up plan is an integral consideration that must be carefully implemented to ensure you are not at risk of data loss or have long periods of downtime or both!

Make sure your server is set up correctly and you are not at risk of unnecessary downtime. 

Call us for a thorough assessment and get your server working for you 03 9874 5473.


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