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Have you ever taken your computer to a repair shop just to watch them turn it on, take a basic look and say there’s nothing wrong with it?  The problem that you were having back at the office is not happening now at the store.  The technician gives you that condescending look and says “your computer is fine.......”  The good news is that IT’s NOT YOU, it’s them!

"I used to work in a medium sized computer retail store in Blackburn", Fix-IT Managing Director Luke Smits says. "People would come in all the time complaining about various issues they had with their computers yet on closer examination we couldn't always replicate the problems the users were describing in the store because the reason for this was that the environment had changed."

We agree with you that computers can be a pain in the backside and can be very fickle. We have found that often the most effective way to diagnose computer problems is in their usual working environment.  There’s an old saying that can be pertinent when diagnosing computer problems, “you can take the problem out of the computer, but you can’t take the computer out of its environment...... to diagnose a problem”.

In many cases the best way to resolve an issue, is to see EXACTLY how the problem occurs in its usual working environment, with all the usual contributing factors.

Arrange a local technician to come to you, call 03 9874 5473.


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