Mail Servers

Having a reliable mail server and ensuring it’s properly configured can dramatically increase the efficiency of your business. We can provide expert advice and supply a Microsoft Exchange Server at a competitive price.  We will then ensure its set up to enhance your individual business operations.

Call us to see if a Microsoft Exchange Server can help increase the efficiency of your business 03 9874 5473.

Fast email and instant calendar updates.

People want things to be easy and fast.  A Microsoft exchange server allows you to enter appointments on your Smartphone and this will automatically update on your computer back at the office and vice versa.  Any changes made to your calendar, contacts, emails from either your smart phone or computer will automatically update on both systems.  Avoid double booking yourself and increase your efficiency by doing something once only.  Share your calendar with your fellow staff so they can see what you are up to, and can make appointments around you, rather than constantly calling you to see if this or that time will work.

Avoid missing emails and lost opportunities.

How embarrassing, do you really believe the someone when they say “I did not get your email?” 

Imagine receiving a customer enquiry or approval for a large order from a customer and you don’t receive it!  I would hate to speculate how much this could potentially cost you.  Is it really worth risking?  Save yourself the embarrassment of missing emails. 

Call us now to ensure your mail server is in top shape, and that all emails and no opportunities are missed 03 9874 5473.

Minimise spam emails that are wasting your time.

Your spam filter may not be up to scratch or your system has a virus.  How much time do you spend reading emails, and do you really need more clogging up your email account and slowing you down?

Free your inbox of unnecessary emails and minimise spam call us now on 03 9874 5473.

We need to view each other’s calendars.

If you are the office manager, project manager, general manager or simply need access to other staff member calendars. A Microsoft Exchange server allows staff to view or use other staff outlook accounts.  From viewing and or editing other calendars, emails, tasks and contacts. Individual users simply provide the specific and relevant permission as to what the other user has access to. 

A Microsoft exchange server is easily installed and can streamline many tasks within your business.  We recently set up a Microsoft Exchange server for a medium plumbing business who employs 12 plumbers.  The secretary manages each plumber’s diary and their daily workflow.  The experienced secretary generally knows how long particular jobs take, and can then book in jobs for each plumber as they come in.  The customer calls up and the appointment is made on the spot.  The business is booked and less likely to delay, change or cancel.

What used to happen was client would call the 1300 number, provide their details, explain the problem, this would then be passed to an area plumber.  The plumber would call back the client.  The client would then have to explain for the second time the problem, the appointment would be made and then the plumber would attend.

After installing the Microsoft Exchange Server, it’s now just the one call for their clients. The secretary is trained about what questions to ask, and can reasonably accurately estimate the time the job will take and book the appointment on the spot.  Allowing the plumbers to do what they are good at and the secretary manages their diary.   The plumber calls to confirm the appointment and repeats back to the customer the problems they are having (from what the secretary has already communicated).   Since installing the Microsoft Exchange Server six months ago, customer satisfaction as dramatically increased.  Customer surveys have returned with such comments as:

“It’s so refreshing to have professional trades people who confirmed their appointment and turned up on time” and

“I can’t believe the professionalism of this company.  In the past, I have found myself repeating the same issue three times with the one company. I explained once and they knew exactly what to do and fixed the problem will little direction from me.  Fantastic!”

People like to deal with organised, professionals.  Call us now and we’ll help you get organised 03 9874 5473.

My personal assistant needs access to my calendar and emails.

Business is going great for you and you are getting busier and busier, you need someone to help manage your diary and respond to general email enquiries.  A Microsoft Exchange Server allows your assistant to help in responding to emails and manage your diary for you.  If you are receiving hundreds of emails per week, some require your personal contact, but really your assistant could respond to the email for you? 

We recently installed a Microsoft Exchange server for a local financial services firm in Blackburn.  The executive assistant for the two partners helps to manage the partner’s calendars and responds to general emails from her own computer. The great thing is that many of the general emails are sent from the relevant partners email account, maintaining that personable touch with the clients. The financial planner’s time is freed up to concentrate on financial planning and earning their clients more money!  

Save yourself time, have your assistant help manage your calendar and respond to non pertinent emails on your behalf. 

Call us to have a Microsoft Exchange Server installed now 03 03 9874 5473.


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