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Troubleshooting computer issues requires broad technical knowledge, a logical approach and excellent communication.

Fix IT Computer Service can support and assist you with:

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My computer doesn’t turn on.

One day you wake up to check your emails and your computer doesn’t turn on and you say ‘goodness me, what do I do?’  You could take your computer to the computer store, but then you would have to unplug all the cables, pack up the kids and get into the car.  Then you have to find a car park and carry the computer while you juggle the kids. Your phone rings and you drop the computer and maybe cause more problems!.......... Let’s assume that you make it into the computer store with everything intact, the person gives you a receipt and says ‘We’ll call you in the next one - two days and tell you what the problem is.” You go without a computer for the next one - two days, the kids still have Thomas, and you have a pile of ironing to do and all you music is stored on that computer.  Two days go by and the computer shop calls.  He tells you the power supply is broken and needs to be replaced.  It will cost you $90 for the part and $80 in labour and will be ready in one - two days and you will receive a phone call you when it’s ready to pick up.

Another three days go by and the computer shop forgets to call you. They are short staffed this week which clearly isn't your problem. Five days have gone by and you still don’t have your computer, it’s now Friday and you are running around shopping for your husband’s 40th birthday party that’s tomorrow.  You call the computer shop, they keep you on hold for 10 minutes while they find your order and say ‘yes its ready for collection, it was ready on Wednesday afternoon didn’t anyone call you?’.............. By this time, steam is coming out of your ears.  You politely say you’ll be down later today to pick it up. You need the computer back today as all the music is on it for the party tomorrow.  What did this really cost you?  Five days with no internet, no emails, no music, $170, stress, worry and another errand to run on Friday.  It could have been collected on Thursday when you had the time. 

I’m sure you get the picture, you are an intelligent person.  If only you had called Fix IT Computer Service.

Save yourself the time, hassle and inflated prices and get one of our qualified consultants to come to you. Call us now on 03 9874 5473.

My computer is making funny noises

Have you noticed that your computer has been making a strange grinding noise and it’s getting progressively worse?  Today it’s particularly bad and it’s beginning to sound like a rocket that’s going to take off.  It could just be the fan, or a disc drive or worse your hard drive. 

What happens if my screen is cracked?

If you are lucky it’s just your screen and nothing else is damaged - this could be easily repaired. 

Don’t wait and run the risk of losing all your data call Fix IT Computer Service now 03 9874 5473

 “The solution that comes to you”

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