We all know someone who has asked this question, 'what would happen if our server failed'? 

The number of calls we receive from people saying “The server has crashed and won't reboot, will all my files still be there” ? is staggeringIn most cases the files are still available and the problem can be repaired.  However in some cases it cannot be repaired and we need to restore the backup data.  The most common situation where data needs to be restored is when people accidentally delete files, or make changes to a file and then need to go back to a previous version.

Each one of our business clients have their servers safely backed up, on a regular basis.  They get to concentrate on their business leaving the back up solutions to us.  Some of the back up options include:

To discuss what back up system will work best for your business call us on 03 9874 5473.

Is your backup data complete and accurate?

You have a backup system in place, but has anyone actually tested the data to see if it can successfully be restored?  You may think that all the files you need are being backed up, but sometimes the data for certain programs are stored in strange locations that may not be immediately obvious. So once the backup has been setup we suggest that a test restore be done to ensure that in the case of a failure, all important data can be successfully recovered quickly.

You need to ensure that in a time of failure or corruption that you know you can quickly and successfully recover your valuable data to meet the deadline. We test the back up when there is no pressure and ensure it can be successfully and quickly restored, when there is. So when a recovery is required in an emergency, because we have done it before, we know it works, and we can easily fall back on a predetermined plan with minimal downtime and disturbance to you.

“We had a computer malfunction during payroll processing,.............Within 15 minutes Luke sorted out the problem and had the system up and running ..........The payroll was completed, staff were paid on time and everyone was happy after the experience..........”

Noel C.Taralye, Blackburn.                                                                          

Call us on 03 9874 5473 to ensure your back up data can be restored in the event of an emergency and you need fast access to your back up data.


“The solution that comes to you”

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