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How can I get the best out of my existing IT infrastructure?

You might think that your existing infrastructure is past it’s use by date, and that the only option is to replace it. This might be true, but with some help from the friendly staff at Fix IT we can do a complete audit on your existing equipment and advise you whether it can be utilised to reduce the cost of taking your business IT needs to the next level.


Should I upgrade my equipment or purchase new equipment?

Quite often with a few tweaks and upgrades of your existing equipment can be given a new lease on life, and what you thought was only good for the tip, might prove to have some life in it yet. Talk to us to see if your existing equipment can be useful for the years ahead.


Do I need regular professional IT service, or can I do some of it myself?

Many businesses have staff with a good level of technical proficiency. All they need is a professional who can help them through some of the trickier tasks. Fix IT can provide casual support services to help your business through some of the tougher IT assignments and help provide step by step instructions that your permanent staff can utilise to help keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.


How do I know my backups are working and include all my valuable data?

All backup programs have log files, or reporting functions. These are usually the first step in checking if your backups are working correctly. But the only surefire way to ensure your backups are working correctly is to do a test restore of your backed up data. Fix IT can run test restores on your valuable data to ensure that if disaster strikes you can wind back the clock.


How do I know my IT systems are secure?

People always think that IT security is rocket science, and in larger organisations (100’s of users) with many internet facing services this can be true. However most small to medium business only have a few simple services available from the outside, and simple things like strong passwords, and up to date Anti-virus and internet security software are the key to ensuring your systems security.


Is it safe to be doing internet banking and funds transfers on-line?

Do you keep your Anti-virus and internet security up to date? Do you do all your Windows and application updates when you are prompted? If the answer to both these questions are yes, then chances are it is perfectly safe to bank online. A few simple precautions are all you need for a safe and secure on-line banking process. Fix IT Computer Service can check your systems and help you keep you, and your online banking secure.


How do I know if my software licences are current, and valid?

Most businesses have no idea what software licences they have, and what the most effective ways of purchasing updated software are. Fix IT Computer Service can advise you on how to keep your licensing up to date and make sure you are purchasing your software in the most cost effective way.


Why does my computer run slowly first thing in the morning, and how can I fix this?

Many computers run slowly when they are first turned on in the morning. This is very frustrating for users as they can’t understand why it happens. Fix IT Computer Service can check to see what can be done to improve the speed in which your system starts, and quite often with a few simple fixes, your systems can be up and running in half the time it takes at the moment.


My computer keeps making this strange sound, and then restarts itself, is that bad?

Many computers make strange noises that users ignore, because the computer seems to be running normally. However these noises are quite often the first sign that there is something wrong with the computer. Call Fix IT Computer Service today to check out those strange noises as often early detection, and rectification of these problems can save you a whole lot of time and money down the track.


Every time the power goes out, all my systems go haywire.

Power loss is a computers worst enemy. When your computer suddenly loses power, it doesn’t shut down correctly, and this can lead to data loss or corruption. The most effective way of preventing this happening is to install a UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply). It is basically a battery backup and surge protector that goes between your computer and the power outlet, which regulates the power supply, and in turn keeps your computer running when there is a power outage. This then allows you to save your valuable work, and shutdown your computer correctly to prevent data loss and corruption. Get in touch with Fix IT Computer Service today!


How can I prevent all this spam that Iím getting?

You might already have the software to prevent the worst of the SPAM from reaching your inbox. The most common email clients and mail servers have inbuilt SPAM filtering software. But most users have no idea it is there, or how to effectively utilise it. So if you are sick of getting emails advising you of a lost inheritance, or offering you jobs you didn’t apply for, or can’t put up with any more offers of penis enlargement, then call Fix IT Computer Service today to find out which simple method of reducing SPAM is the most appropriate for you.


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